Accelera x 144 Racing GR86 2023 SEMA Deput

Accelera x 144 Racing GR86 2023 SEMA Deput

, by Kaylee Zozos, 4 min reading time

144 arrives at SEMA to debut a drift car for the first time in 9 years. The last time Nate was at SEMA debuting a car was back in 2014 with his Nissan 240SX. Quite a bit of time has passed since then. Nate spent the entirety of those 9 years in that same 240 chassis - unbelievable, right? Needless to say, this is a huge moment in Nate’s racing career where he proudly debuted arguably one of the coolest drift platforms currently - the 2023 Toyota GR86.

How was Nate able to do this? Well, with over 2 years of planning and execution and full support of the entire build from Tire Streets / Accelera, we were able to take Nate’s vision and turn it into a reality. It didn’t come without its challenges but it was a super exciting moment for Nate and the whole 144 Racing Team. Grateful is an understatement.

SEMA 2023 was full throttle for an entire week. We had many highlight moments this year that were quite meaningful. We had the pleasure of being hosted by Design Engineering Inc, (DEI) in the Central Hall - a primary location to talk all things shop and GR86 specs. One of the last pieces of finishing the GR86 puzzle was putting an air filter on our turbo. As luck would have it, K&N came through and saved the day by providing us with one. Creating a really cool SEMA magic moment.


K&N Filters on a 2023 GR86DEI Engineering GR86 Drift Build

After a long year of building and completing the GR86, Accelera was finally able to see it, touch it, sit in it and go over every single detail of the build. A full-circle moment for Nate. He enjoyed getting to see them in person and sharing the joy of what they had created together. Afterwards, Accelera did a feature on Instagram of Nate and the GR86.

nate Hamilton

Hundreds of people were able to stop and admire the new addition to the program and thankfully, was very well received within the industry. Nate was also able to step in and help create a feature for Vibrant and their products, which he really enjoyed!

Art from Vibrant 

The GR86 caught more then just the eye of industry professionals/brands but friends of the family came through to admire the build. As Nate stepped in a little closer to the LZMFG camp this year, it was really cool for him to receive Adam’s, Jimmy’s and Grant’s blessing and opinions of the GR86: especially the good, the bad, the ugly.

 Other cool moments: Lowered Lifestyle and Super Streets came over to say see the GR and featured them. Along with a feature in S3 Magazine.

Super Street Feature

Our takeaway from SEMA this year is that 144 Print House and Race Studio currently has a lot of momentum and energy with so many possibilities on the horizon. The goal is to continue blending printing and racing while ensuring appropriate expansion for the racing program all while taking care of the motorsports community - which is always an exciting challenge during the winter months.

So, what’s next for 144? As we go into the off-season, it’s time to put our heads down and begin diligently planning for 2024. What events we plan to hit, branding elevation, and 2024 partner announcements - all coming January 1! And of course, we’ll be testing the new GR86.

This year was a banger! 144 traveled to new places, worked with new people, had so many memorable moments at the track and created rad products for rad people! Best of all, we came out with a badass new chassis that Nate can’t wait to rip. Be sure to stay tuned for what’s to come.

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