• Owner + Driver

Always wanting to influence that feeling "Every day is Friday". Creating T-Shirts for the drift industry was the sole reason I stayed tied to Drifting. After 5+ Years straight drifting full time.. I needed a reset from being a Formula Drift Driver. My mission was to start a creative outlet in the motorsports world. Specifically in Drifting. So, I started 144's PrintHouse and RaceStudio in 2017. Below are a list of Rad Humans making this show happen.


  • Team Mom + Payments and Logistics

Married to Nate Hamilton, Meagan did not get into this business for any other reason but to help. As Nate's days got longer it only made sense to join 144 full time. Starting with sales and customer service. Moving into full time MOM. Now after a beautiful baby boy was born, Meagan is back at the shop finding her groove.


  • Race Studio Operations

Upgrades and Repairs, Adrian is our lead Mechanic. Managing + Maintaining Vehicles all year round. On top of that, he maintains relationships and communications with our partners. Day in and day out, with a positive attitude, Adrian does it all in the Race Studio.


  • Sales + Purchasing + Coordination

Baylea handles Customer Orders from start to finish: From answering phones, Purchasing Blanks, Printing Process all the way down to shipping the box. Everything in between is overseen by Baylea. Her attention to detail and urgency is key to getting the product in your hands and achieving your deadline.


  •  Brand Designer & Illustrator + Driver

Helping our customers bring their ideas to life, Austin has been behind the computer building many of your favorite T-shirt designs. Being a driver himself "He just get's it" when it comes to Graphic Design / Liveries / Website development + more.


  • Brand Operations + Fulfillment Services

Caden is our "Jack of all Trades" around the shop. Graphic design + Screen printing + DTG operator, he can run the entire show. Expanding the Printhouse services, Caden is now operating our Fulfilment Division. His attention to detail is unmatched.


  • Mechanic & Engineer

Brandon brings a humorous spirit with his bag of skills. Wrenching on all things in the Race Studio, Brandon keeps the wheels spinning with his knowledge and problem solving mentality.


  • Video Editor

Visual and Audio representation for all things 144. Translating the weekly details in video is not an easy task. Race Recaps + Black Friday ads + Custom partnership content. Long or short form, Tito keeps it stylish and easy to consume. "Subscribe, Nerds!"


  • Production Worker

Our In-house production is handled by our dude, Amari. His daily grind to create the cleanest products within your desired timeline is his bread and butter. Everyday is a new layer of creativity.


  • Project Management + Business Solutions

Our eye in the sky, Kaylee is here to keep the train on the tracks. Her specialty is Organization and Providing Solutions to daily operations as 144's goal to expand is endless. Creating processes to help each team member be the best they can be. "team coach"

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