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 ✌🏾 April 16th: Back with the Blogs. 
A party in our own backyard. Our location at 144.Printhouse it's an easy 15 min drive to Texas Motor Speedway. Closest event this season.
Note: We had a packed week leading up to this event.
In this video we take you through the process of bringing this car back to life. Video for more details 👇🏾
Let's talk about our mechanics and the race team's mindset.  With a fresh fresh motor and drivetrain we were tasked to make sure this car was ready to perform for the season ahead. This was what we would call a "shakedown" event.
All eyes on 144, hearing they sold upwards of 8,000 tickets it sure felt like it. 
As the gates opened up, the people came flooding in. At any given moment there had to be hundreds of people in the pits and carefully watching our team preform bolt checks and tire changes. Our guys felt the pressure, this is a great thing! 
 The schedule was full throttle, drifting was to take place from 1pm - 8 pm. 
7 hours of driving. WHOA 🤯. 
Being a local event, all our family and friends came out to support us as we kick off the racing season.  This was a great moment for everyone as the vibes were up and the crowd was in high demands for ride-along experiences. 
Above ☝🏾 Eddy from CAPS AUTOWERKS. Alignment specialist ✌🏾
Below 👇🏾 Luna Tran, taking her first drift ride as she is a straight line enthusiast with Joetech Motorsports.   
The day checks out, we have a healthy car and I was gaining comfortability. Each lap learning the FDF was better and better. We can conclude the team and the car are in sync and ready for their first Competition of the season. 
SPOTTED: always a pleasure to meet other RPF1's in the wild.👇🏾 
Here are some Photos from the Car show side of things 👇🏾 


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