HYPERFEST virgina international raceway.

HYPERFEST virgina international raceway.

, by Nate Hamilton, 3 min reading time

🛠 May 14th: Welcome back.

lets run thru some details from our time at HYPERFEST. 

For those visual people, go here 👇🏾   

Rolling into the track, we felt prepared, ready for the weekend. 

Updates from the team: we have been getting more familiar with the new angle kit (FDF). How to adjust it, what to check and how to replace things easier.  Leaving the chaos of Klutch Kickers, I had expectations to drift for three days straight with the focus of Gear adjustments, then sway bar changes. 


Here is what actually happened 👇🏾  

Adrian is PUMPED. 

Fuel: we are using VP Racing X85L 

Good people around always, Tire Streets / FDF + 144 ✌🏾

First session: issues.  

Issue: to fully understand, we have to go back to Klutch Kickers RD1. I was telling the team how I felt the clutch slipping and the rear end was not feeling connected, as if the power was not being put down. 

Flash forward to the first session at Hyperfest, with the track being fast and flowy I could sit in the corners longer and wait on the clutch to slip and adjust my line. It was nuts. Adrian and I took the first runs and we immediately thought F$%K! 

Workload: the work would begin. Adam Green from Enjuku Racing came over to check on us, he mentioned he would have the part needed to fix the clutch + hydraulic throw out bearing. With two days ahead, we went for it! 

Vibes: while Adrian and I are managing to fix this car we also had the most rad people around. Zach was firing off all these photos! Thank you for the good vibes: Jarod Kaylee Austin Gabby Jim Luke Ant  Josiah + way more! 

Process: for my non car dudes, the clutch is located right behind the motor. You need to start from the rear end of the car. Removing the driveshaft, then the transmission, bellhousing and starter in my situation. Then you arrive at the clutch / flywheel. (3.5 hours) 

 Update: keeping all the small details like tolerances, transmission brackets and fuel lines klutch lines. We ended up pulling the drivetrain TWO TIMES. Friday we did our first push and by 1am we had the car on the ground and ready for drifting Saturday. Right back to the track hours later, the disengagement on the clutch was not happy and we would then do the entire process over and spend the main day under a car! Not fun but something we as a team needed to go thru. So hey, we hung with friends and enjoyed the party. 

Sunday: our last day... the car was on the ground and working again, we fixed the issue. My dude Adrian was the MVP. 

Next: now that the car is running healthy, we are back at 144.Printhouse going over the car and preparing for the next adventure. ✌🏾

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